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Kansas Partners in Conservation & Community (KAN-PIC) AuctionHouse & MarketPlace

Watershed Restoration & Protection Strategies (WRAPS)
  • Middle Kansas River WRAPS
  • Lower Kansas River WRAPS
  • Upper Wakarusa WRAPS
  • Middle Neosho WRAPS
  • Eagle Creek WRAPS
  • Toronto Lake WRAPS
  • Fall River WRAPS
  • Neosho Headwaters WRAPS
WRAPS Watershed Assessments

WRAPS Innovative BMP Development
  • Poultry Litter Storage
  • Agricultural Biological Treatment Cells (Wetlands)
  • Cover Crop Crimping
  • Agroforestry
  • Wetland Forebays at Reservoirs
  • Ecological Management of COE-KDWPT Land

Kansas Forest Service Regional Conservation Partnership Program
  • Riparian Forest Assessments & Inventories
  • Proper Functioning Condition of Streams

EPA Wetland Program Development Grants
  • Topographic Wetland Identification Process (TWIP)
  • Kansas Wetland Program Plan
  • Proper Functioning Condition of Streams & Riparian Areas
  • Wetland Assessments & Delineations

NRCS Conservation Innovation Grants
  • Cover Crops (www.kscovercrops.org)
  • Cover Crop Call-in Forum

Playa Lakes Joint Venture (PLJV) Conoco-Phillips Grants
Collaborative Research
  • Crop Consultant Playa Referral Incentives
  • Collaborative Research Coordination with Land Owners
Kansas Forest Service Partnership
  • Riparian Forest Assessments
  • Floodplain Connectivity Tools

Whooping Crane Voluntary Mitigation Fund

Kingsbury Foundation Kansas River Inventory

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism (KDWPT) Chickadee Checkoff Grant
  • Aquatic Organism Passage (AOP) Inventory (www.ksaquaticpassage.org)
  • AOP Barrier Prioritization Projects
  • Holistic Watershed Restoration

KDWPT WildTrust Fund Developments

KDWPT Cooperative Agreements: Eastern & Western Kansas Wetland Coordinators

NRCS Cooperative Agreements: Western Kansas Wetland Coordinator

Natural Resource Inventory Assessments (NRIA)

Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation
  • John Redmond Cover Crop Initiative
  • Partnership to Reduce Sedimentation of John Redmond
  • Land Owner Incentives to Increase Cover Crop Adoption
National Wildlife Federation
  • Cover Crop Load Reduction Calculator
  • Beneficial Wildlife Effects Assessment
  • Ecosystem Goods & Service
  • On-farm Economics
Playa Lakes Joint Venture (PLJV) Partnership
  • Playa Restoration
  • On-the-ground Land Owner Contacts
Big Tent Partnership

Outreach & Education

GIS Services

Third-Party Conservation Easement Holding

Workshops, Demonstrations & Tours

Create, Protect and Restore (CPR) for Streams and Wetlands Conference

Kansas Natural Resources Conference

Wind Energy-Playa Voluntary Mitigation Framework