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The Kansas Alliance for Wetlands and Streams, Inc. (KAWS) mission is to ensure the future of wetlands, streams and their adjacent riparian areas as an integral part of our Kansas heritage and landscape. KAWS provides a variety of services to watershed and conservation groups, all of which help to strengthen and develop conservation efforts.
KAWS provides 100 percent coverage of the state with 12 chapters and local chapter members are residents local stakeholders in their watershed.  Our staff is dedicated to protection, restoration and creation of wetlands, streams, and their associated riparian areas. This is illustrated by the fact that KAWS has been promoting water quality improvement for the past 11 years and accomplishing demonstration projects for the past six years.
KAWS is able to provide to watershed and conservation groups the following assistance:

Watershed Assessment - KAWS can perform various levels of GIS analysis relating to the riparian area and the associated land in the watershed. The level of assessment and cost are listed below in the file attachments.

Workshop and Tours - KAWS does a complete job in organizing and conducting events that promote its mission areas – creating, enhancing and protecting wetlands, streams and riparian areas. We have completed over 220 demonstration projects since 2003 each serving as an educational venue at various stages of completion – pre-, during, and post-construction. We can help you increase awareness, create interest, and identify needs as we conduct workshops and tours.  The details are listed below in the file attachments

WRAPS Support – KAWS staff will

  • Participate in WRAPS meetings and provide support between meetings as needed
  • Maintain close communications with the WRAPS coordinator, leadership team members and others
  • Serve on stakeholder leadership teams as requested
  • Provide topical presentations and technical expertise as requested on:
  1. Streambank stabilization
  2. Wetland restoration
  3. Moving livestock from streams and riparian areas
  4. Riparian buffers
  5. Provide input on needed assessments.
  • Help develop WRAPS Plans
  • Assist with WRAPS-led tours, workshops, and demonstration projects
  • Provide informational support as appropriate

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