Grant List

Kansas Dept. of Ag Watershed District Program and Multipurpose Small Lakes Program Water Structures Program
Available for watershed districts and small lake development
Kansas Dept. of Commerce and Housing Small Cities Community Development Block Grant Thomas Dow
Provide assistance to counties and cities for human development projects or natural disaster protection projects
Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment Nonpoint Source Pollution Program Watershed Management Section  785-296-4195 Provide funds for projects that will reduce nonpoint source pollution. Also provides funds for Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategies (WRAPS)
  Water Quality State Revolving Fund Watershed Management Section   785-296-4195 Makes low interest loans for projects to improve and protect water quality
Kansas Dept. of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Land and Water Conservation Funds Program coordinator
Provide funds to preserve, develop and assure access to outdoor recreation
  Conservation Easements for Riparian and Wetland Areas Wildlife Section
Provide easements to permanently secure and enhance quality areas in the state.
  Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program Wildlife Section
Assist landowners with food plot seed, grass and forb planting or interseeding including seed and providing the grass drill, tree and shrub plantings, and water developments or enhancements.
  North American Waterfowl Conservation Act Wildlife Section
Provide up to 50% cost share for purchase and/or development of wetlands and wildlife habitat
  Wildtrust Wildtrust Administrator
Accepts donated money, property and real estate which includes wetlands and riparian areas. Donated funds may be used for enhancemnet
  MARSH Program  620-672-5911 May provide up to 100% of funding for small wetland projects. Projects need to provide waterfowl benefits and be open to the public.
Kansas Forest Service Conservation Tree Planting Program Conservation Forester
Provides low cost trees and shrubs for conservation plantings
  Riparian and Wetland Protection Program Rural Forestry Coordinator 
To work closely with other agencies to promote and assist with establishment of riparian forest land
K-State Research and Extension Water Quality Programs KCARE Director
To provide programs, expertise and educational materials that relate to minimizing the impact of agriculture on water quality.
  Kansas Environmental Leadership Program (KELP) KELP Coorinator
Educational program to develop local leadership for improved water resource management
  Kansas Local Government Water Quality Planning and Management Office of local government
Provide guidance to local governments on water protection programs
  Pollution Prevention Institute Contact  
PPI provides free, non-regulatory technical assistance and training in pollution prevention and environmental compliance
  Waste Management Program KCARE Director
Provides best management practices for handling waste materials of all types
Kansas Rural Center River Friendly Farms Program Contact
You may qualify for a $250 incentive payment for completing the RFFP assessment and action plan. And you may be eligible to apply for up to $5000 in cost-share. 
KS Department of Ag.
Division of Conservation
Water Resources
Cost-share Program
Assistant Director
Provide cost share assistance to landowners for establishment of water conservation practices
  Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Fund NPS Program Manager
Provides financial assistance for nonpoint pollution control projects which help restore water quality
  Riparian and Wetland Protection Program Riparian and Wetland Coordinator
Funds to assist with wetland development and enhancement as well as stabilization of streams
  Kansas Water Quality Buffer Initiative Riparian and Wetland Coordinator
Compliments the Federal Conservation Reserve Program by offering additional financial incentives for grass filter strips and riparian forest buffers in high priority TMDL areas
Kansas Water Office Public Information and Education 785-296-3185 Provide information and education to the public on Kansas Water Resources
US Army Corps of Engineers Planning Assistance to States KC District 816-983-3157 or Tulsa District 913-669-7185 Assistance in development of plans for development, utilization and conservation of water and related land resources of drainage basins
  Environmental Restoration KC District 816-983-3157 or Tulsa District 913-669-7196 Funding assistance for aquatic ecosystem restoration. 
US Dept. of Ag - Natural Resources Conservation Service Conservation Compliance State Conservationist
Requires specific treatment of highly erodible cropland and wetlands in order to participate in most USDA programs  
  Conservation Operations State Conservationist
Provides technical assistance on private lands for development and application of Resource Management Plans
  Emergency Watershed Protection State Conservationist
Provides assistance to reduce threats to life and property in the wake of a natural disaster
  Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) State Conservationist
Provides technical and financial assistance to install structural and management practices
  Inventory and Monitoring State Conservationist
Provides information on soils, water and related resources.
  Plant Materials Program State Conservationist
Assists with development of plant materials and techniques for their use in environmental improvement programs
  Watershed Planning and Operations State Conservationist
Provides assist to watershed or conservation districts to install land treatment and structural practices
  Wetlands Reserve Program State Conservationist
Cost share and easements to restore wetlands
  Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program State Conservationist
Cost share to establish wildlife habitat which includes wetlands and riparian areas.
  Grassland Reserve Program State Conservationist
Cost share and easements to protect, restore, and enhance native rangeland
  Conservation Security Program State Conservationist
Contract payments for utilizing good conservation practices
  Farm and Ranchlands Protection Program State Conservationist
Provides funding to keep farm and ranchlands in agricultural uses
Farm Services Agency Conservation Reserve Program FSA State Director
Cost share and rental agreements to restore native grasses and wetlands
US Fish and Wildlife Service Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Program State Supervisor
Mainly supports field operations which includes technical assistance on protecting, restoring or maintaining native habitats
  Private Lands Program State Private Lands Coordinator 
785-539-3474   Ext 107
Contracts  to restore, enhance or create wetlands or native grasslands. Partial payment for construction is provided.
Environmental Protection Agency Clean Water State Revolving Fund Program Clean and  Safe Water Branch
Provide low cost loans to communities for water pollution control activities
  Watershed Protection Watershed Planning and Implementation Branch
To conduct holistic strategies for restoring and protecting aquatic resources based on hydrology rather than political boundaries.
Kansas Alliance for Wetlands and Streams Wetland and Riparian Program State Coordinator
Provides techical and financial assistance on creating, protecting or restoring wetland or riparian areas.
Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education Statewide Water Celebrations and Project WET Laura Downey
Provides technical and financial assistance for water education statewide as well as assistance for educational programs dealing with projects

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