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Administration, Outreach, Education & Membership (AOEM): Executive and administrative core of KAWS responsible for non-profit administration, outreach & education, fundraising, partnership building and membership. The Executive Director is housed in this core KAWS program and provides leadership, oversight and management for all of KAWS activities, operations, its programs and program directors in cooperation and under the guidance of the Board of Directors and regular consultation with the Board Chair. Core Affiliate Personnel are housed in this core to support the Executive Director and KAWS programs and include an Administrative Manager, Outreach & Education Specialists, Technologists & Accounting-Financial Services. All KAWS programs are integrated through the AOEM, Executive Director, Board of Directors and Accounting-Financial Services. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) will be contracted as part of the Core Affiliated Personnel to provide for Accounting-Financial Services and will include professional, audit-proof accounting and financial management to the ED, Program Directors, Board of Directors, with direct oversight from the KAWS Board Secretary-Treasurer. The Executive Director manages the Program Directors and provides direct support to them as well as support through Core Affiliated Personnel while also delivering the KAWS mission and achieving the KAWS vision through administration, outreach, education, fundraising and membership activities. The Program Directors are responsible for delivery of the KAWS mission and achieving the KAWS vision through their respective programmatic areas as well as maintaining sustainable funding for their programs and managing Affiliated Personnel in their respective program in cooperation with the KAWS Executive Director. KAWS, through the Executive Director, approves and maintains contracts with all Affiliated Personnel. All KAWS Programs are integrated and work in collaboration with each other to utilize the collective experience and expertise of all Affiliated Personnel. These activities are integrated through AOEM core, and operations are modeled as an integrated, sustainable systems approach to non-profit management.

Watershed Restoration & Protection Strategies (WRAPS): This KAWS program, the WRAPS Director and Affiliate Personnel, are an adaptation of the traditional KAWS model, and include the long-term hearts and heads of KAWS.  KAWS was once a chapter-member organization that transitioned to support the KDHE WRAPS program through its membership, its Board-Advisors-Partners, and coordination of eight WRAPS basins out of KDHE's thirty-five WRAPS basins. This program developed the WRAPS Assessment methods and provided numerous WRAPS Assessments to Stakeholder Leadership Teams (SLTs) to support them as they identified opportunities to address non-point source (NPS) pollutants in rural watersheds of Kansas. This KAWS program is also responsible for innovation, coordination & delivery of WRAPS projects and innovative BMP approaches--both within KAWS-coordinated WRAPS and through professional consulting with and assistance to other WRAPS basins.  The Kansas Watersheds for Clean Water (website link) is an integrated group of all WRAPS coordinators, which KAWS helped to organize to support KDHE WRAPS efforts and is fully supported by this KAWS program and its affiliates.

Applied Research, Restoration & Monitoring (ARRM): This KAWS program is a new program that grew out of applied research, assessment, and technological development areas over the past eight years.  Efforts have resulted in funding to create a self-sustaining KAWS program during the next three years.  The ARRM Director and Affiliate Personnel have been involved in most all phases of efforts leading to this exciting new programmatic opportunity and will be engaged to ensure the success and sustained growth of the program.  This program's long-term mission is sustained development of innovative applied research approaches to conservation and watershed sustainability in Kansas including development of holistic watershed restoration and agroforestry methods, implementation of ecological designs for restoration, and scientific monitoring of designs to evaluate success and to ensure continued improvement.  

Natural Resource & Heritage Conservation (NRHC): This KAWS program is in the early stages but initial efforts are leading to development of cornerstone funding for this program from which we hope to grow it with our partners.  Currently, the program is supported by various small grant funding ranging from development of an annual Playa Symposium-Workshop for Kansas; delivery of playa and wetland conservation in western, central and eastern Kansas; coordination of partnerships with wetland researchers, agencies, and NGOs; implementation of goals established in the state's Wetland Program Plan and Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Action Plan, Ecological Focus Areas, Critical Habitat Assessment Areas (CHAT), and a range of other plans.  The director of this program was involved in evaluation of heritage streams and associated riparian areas and wetlands while in a previous position, and goals are to work with a range of partners to reinvigorate and implement a Heritage Streams program in Kansas as well. The NRHC Director is also involved in planning of the Kansas Natural Resource Conference, which is the premiere natural resource and heritage conference for the state.  The anticipated responsibilities for this program will be long-term natural resource and heritage conservation planning, implementation of comprehensive and holistic conservation plans, protection of the most sensitive habitats for native terrestrial and aquatic species as well as providing ecosystem goods and services to Kansas and its citizens, and building sustainable partnerships to achieve these outcomes.